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Video created by: Douglas Mackrell
In a futuristic world reeling from a Dark Infinite Civil Crisis, Galactic Girl leads the charge in bringing peace and order to the Cosmos. She’s the best at what she does with a booty that just don’t quit. Under the command of General Fu Fu, Galactic Girl journeys to the planet of Starbaria with her compatriot Pixel and new recruit Moxie-5 to capture the leader of the Savage Starbarians. Unexpected obstacles lead Team Galactic Girl on a wild ride.

Galactic Girl in: Adventure to the Center of New York Comic Con 2011

Video created by Douglas Mackrell & Devon Riley

NYComic Con was a HUGE Success!!!

We had a GREAT time performing at NYCC this year!! Check out the Pics and Video!!

Galactic Girl in: Attack of the Starbarians was originally part of the 2011 Comic Book Theater Festival at the Brick Theater in New York City.